4 Reasons to Love New Orleans Besides Mardi Gras

4 Reasons to Love New Orleans Besides Mardi Gras

We have to admit that Mardi Gras is one of the best times to visit New Orleans, but you can still enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of the city during any other time of the year.

Silverware is optional

If you’ve never dined with your hands, you’re in for a treat in the Crescent City. With a huge shellfish culture, who needs the silverware, right? Savor the pepper-sprinkled BBQ shrimp at Pascal’s Manale Restaurant, eat the boiled crawfish on a park bench from a takeout spot and dig in to oysters at the Bourbon House Restaurant in the French Quarter.

Louisiana dry goods make everything better

When you love cooking, stock up on goods from local grocery stores such as Rouses Supermarkets and Langenstein’s. Here, you’ll find Camilla red beans, Creole-style coffee, boxed jambalaya mix and Cajun Country rice – just to name a few. Bring them back home or purchase a few and whip yourself up a nice meal with New Orleans flavors. Cool off with a sno-ball

In the heat of summer sunshine, the best way to cool off isn’t with alcohol – instead, treat yourself to a culinary staple: the sno-ball. It’s basically finely shaved ice bathed in sugary syrups. You can get them in trucks, takeaway windows or small sweet shops. Go on a literature high

Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote and Eudora Welty are among the few literary figures with connections to New Orleans. But if you want to go on a literature binge, head over to the French quarter where you’ll find many used and new bookstores where you can stock up on great finds.

Also, renowned vampire story writer Anne Rice hails from the city and has set many of her books here. She even has a mansion that you can go visit.

Listing down everything that makes New Orleans special will have this article reaching encyclopedia-like lengths. However, if you’re in town for a few days, the activities listed here are good enough to have you say “I’ve had the New Orleans experience.” Photos by: Tim González, Global Reactions, Arkomas and Steve Rhodes