Facts You May Not Have Known About Japan

25 Thought-Provoking Facts About Japan

Japan is a nation that has a populace of about 126 million citizens and is an island country within the Pacific Ocean. It has multi-story buildings, imperial palaces, mountainous parks, and numerous shrines.

Japan is also renowned for its advanced technological innovations and unique culture. The city of Tokyo is the nation’s capital. It is renowned for neon multi-story buildings in addition to pop culture. The city of Kyoto, on the other hand, has a myriad of Buddhist temples, gardens, Shinto shrines & cherry blossoms.

All About Japan – Things You Probably Didn’t Know

The national dish of Japan is known as Sushi. It is commonly served in most places ranging from local pubs all the way to gourmet cafes. You may think that Japan is another contemporary westernized nation consisting of massive, jam-packed cities & hordes of folks adorned in business suits. What’s more, Japan is a historical nation in which the infamous nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred. Nonetheless, there is much more than these. The following are 25 facts you may not have known about Japan:

  • Animation shows

60% of global animated entertainment comprises of Japanese animated shows & films. Animation has become so prosperous in Japan that there exist around 130 institutions dedicated to teaching voice-acting.

  • Aging population

Approximately 21 percent of the Japanese inhabitants consist of aging. This is the uppermost percentage across the entire globe. There exist over 50 000 individuals in japan who are above 100 years old.

  • Slurping

Everywhere in Japan, folks typically slurp while eating noodles, particularly the buckwheat ones. It is believed that slurping is an indication that the food is tasty and that it helps in cooling the food. To understand more about Japanese culture, you would need professional linguistic services. However, if you desire to understand to translate Japanese to English quickly, you can use translation site.

  • The meaning of elevated floors

Floors that are raised to approximately six inches are an indication that one ought to take off their shoes and wear sandals. In case a house consists of a room with a tatami mat, it might have the floor elevated by around 1-2 inches. This also indicates that slippers should be taken off.

  • Low homicide rates

This country has an average of 2 homicides related to gun violence each year. Japan is generally a safe country. It is even said that you can drop a wallet on a busy street and come an hour later and find it at the exact position.

  • Fast trains

Japan is recognized for its incredibly fast bullet trains. On average, the greatest train delay can last a mere 18 seconds.

  • Maid cafes

In Japan, there exist “maid cafes” in which waitpersons dress in maid attire and act as servants. They also treat their clients as mistresses and masters within a home, instead of serving as cafe patrons.

  • Chopsticks

One significant tradition of the locals is eating with chopsticks. Close to 24 billion chopstick pairs get utilized in the country annually. Visitors might find eating with chopsticks quite a difficult affair.

  • Hot springs & tattoos

Most public bathhouses & hot springs within Japan have usually banned customers that have tattoos on their skin from entering. The reason is that tattoos are commonly associated with gang affiliations.

  • Train suicide

In case someone commits suicide by stepping in front of a speeding train, the family incurs a disturbance fine. The aim is to deter such acts.

  • The Maglev

Ever seen a train that floats over its tracks through magnetism? It exists in Japan. It can travel at speeds as high as 550 km/h. It operates on a concept known as magnetic levitation or maglev.

  • The origins of sushi

You might think that sushi is one of Japan’s traditional cuisines. However, salmon sushi originated from Norway in the ’80s. It then turned into a highly common dish in Japan.

  • Crying sumo

There is a considerably popular contest known as “crying sumo”. In it, the wrestlers compete to determine who makes a baby cry first.

  • Washlets

The majority of the toilets contain an inbuilt bidet mechanism for cleaning a user’s backside. They are called washlets and have become the standard in numerous homes and decent restrooms.

  • Bathroom slippers

While using somebody’s restroom as a guest, you could be required to put on special bathroom sandals. The action is meant to prevent contamination. So do not be surprised.

  • Use of paper

Paper is highly used to create comics compared to toilet paper.

  • Vending machines

There exist over 5 million machines that vend anything, including drinks and live crabs.

  • Titanic survivors

Japanese who survived the titanic were branded as cowards for failing to die with other travelers.

  • Numerous islands

The nation has over 6,800 islands.

  • Coffee

Coffee is a very common drink in Japan, and the nation imports large quantities from Jamaica.

  • Geisha

Geisha means “person of the arts.” The initial geisha were gentlemen.

  • Rice cookers

They are common in the locals’ households compared to ovens.

  • Immigration

The nation has close to zero immigration. The populace consists of approximately 98 percent indigenous Japanese.

  • Timber

Japan ranks as the chief user of amazon timber globally.

  • Tokyo

This metropolitan region is the largest globally, consisting of over thirty-five million inhabitants.

The Final Word

Japan is amongst the most socially and technologically advanced countries on the planet. However, Japan also has numerous amazing facts that continue to make a well-known country. One of the reasons why Japan is well-known, especially in restaurants, is its cuisine, the sushi.